Bianca Cherie Amezcua
Bianca Cherie Amezcua Partner
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Bianca Amezcua is a Pasadena native who is passionate about helping others in life.  She has translated this idealism to what she believes is one of the most important aspects in life, real estate.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home she is dedicated to putting in the time and effort to help make your goal, her goal. With a background in real estate finance and property sales/management, her experiences stretch far beyond the task of finding a place to reside. With her extensive knowledge in the realm of social media and advancement in technology, Bianca is very creative in her marketing efforts.  As Terrie Williams stated, Bianca believes that “we are on this planet to support one another as human beings, first, last and always,” and that is what she intends to do. Bianca resides in Pasadena, California raising two children: Jaiden, 12 years old and Naia, 6 years old, and of course Rocky, “the pup.”  She enjoys making music and spending time with the family in her spare time.

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