Gabriella De Nittis
Gabriella De Nittis Partner
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GABRIELLA DE NITTIS is a partner at deasy/penner. She came to Los Angeles from Rome after completing her BA in Foreign languages and literature to pursue a career in Interior Design.

As the daughter of an architect and with a background in Interior Design, a career in real estate was an obvious transition. Her ability to communicate in English, French and Italian gives her a distinct advantage to attract worldly clientele. She has a great sense of style and a deep instruction in all varieties of architecture that services a wide audience.

Her 10 years experience in home decor define her as the perfect real estate professional. She can advise you with her specific eye for staging and restyling when selling or buying your home.

Gabriella lives with her husband & son in Laurel Canyon.

GABRIELLA DE NITTIS is happy to work with both buyers and sellers utilizing her extensive knowledge of school districts: public and private. Thanks to her expertise in Italian and French, Gabriella can also work closely with International buyers both in Los Angeles and in Europe. It is a natural that her focus is on relocation.

Client Testimonials

“Gabriella has worked with me for several years. I especially appreciated her organizational qualities that have allowed her to deal with a variety of tasks. I would stress her ability to deal with all clients, that translates in a great capacity of interaction. Her personality has earned great respect and affection from everyone. Furthermore her work ethic has given me the confidence to leave the showroom even for long periods of time knowing that everything would be in order. At last Gabriella is honest. Precise, professional, concrete. On the workplace she expresses a great deal of humanity and warmth, and she is very easy to work with. She always aims to find new solutions to improve the business, not shy in exploring new ideas.” ~ Francesca Bianchi
“Gabriella De Nittis is an exceptional individual. She is blessed with tremendous intelligence and elegance; with great senses of style and of humor - and perhaps most importantly with genuine compassion and wisdom. She seems to welcome every opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. She loves life; she loves what she does; and she is good at it. I would enthusiastically recommend her.” ~ Joshua Redman

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