Greg Guinto
Greg Guinto Partner
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Originally from Canada, in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, Greg moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and quickly fell in love with the available architecture that he had never seen or experienced before. Normally exposed to brick homes with basements, many of which were split level, Greg started to see a style of home that was designed in a way to help families feel more connected to each other, and to nature. These post and beam homes had a lot of thought put into them with single stories, open floor plans and floor to ceiling walls of glass. One particular community in Granada Hills, Balboa Highlands, which featured atriums in the middle of the homes, changed the way he looked at home design. These homes found a creative way to connect people, and they were pieces of art. Greg is excited to join deasy/penner who focuses particularly on that idea, home as art, and to take his newfound passion to the next level.


North Hollywood, CA
4 Beds 2 Baths 1996 Sqft 6224 Lot
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Notable Sales

Granada Hills, CA
5 Beds 3 Baths 3223 Sqft 11306 Lot
Granada Hills, CA
5 Beds 2 Baths 2078 Sqft 11035 Lot
Sunland, CA
3 Beds 2 Baths 1624 Sqft 7605 Lot
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