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The tale of my professional life for the last 25 years evolved from my passion of architecture and appreciation of good design. Good architecture begins by balancing where a new building is proposed, and not indiscriminately placed into an environment without context to what is already there. Good design is about how we feel when walk through the front door into inspiring environments, and most importantly, a home that grounds families for life.

My expertise lies in my ability to communicate today’s economic conditions, financing, and housing conditions, amplified by my architectural and design expertise. I can expertly evaluate property both design quality and the functional condition of the property from an architect’s perspective. Most imperative, I am able identify improvements that will acquire the highest market value elevating of the home above others at the same price range.

My current role is in real estate development, representing corporate clients, private multi-family projects, and investment properties. Now as a realtor I have more comprehensive knowledge to contribute to clients and developers on financing strategies of investment properties, cash flow returns, construction loans and permanent loans, etc. Collaboratively, development and architecture create image, fund, and control developments.

Deasy/Penner/Podley; represents a design-centric real estate brokerage, selling architectural, historic homes; luxury homes; and contemporary homes. DPP views architecture as art. DPP is also involved in residential development of multi-family, mixed use, conversion, and small lot subdivision projects. I chose Deasy/Penner/Podley because of their unique philosophy of architecture as art and development.

One way of gaining trust is “no sales pitches.” I am mindful of what is important to my clients, and the most important duty is a fiduciary relationship, to protect the client’s best interest. A realtor’s work begins with offering the most important services to clients who have a clear use and value such as; embracing the client’s expectations and financial goals willingly and with enthusiasm.

Born and raised in Los Angeles; I practiced architecture across the USA. My hobbies include; coaching girls and women soccer and basketball. I am an ardent backpacker climbing throughout the Sierra Nevada’s, also an equestrian who rode competitively both dressage and jumpers. My awards & achievements; my architectural firm received numerous design awards. My corporate projects achieved design success along with considerable returns on investments.

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