Nabil Suleiman
Nabil Suleiman Partner
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“I am a realtor, business owner and active member of a non profit in LA. I work diligently to help clients, friends and the future of our youth see a better tomorrow and believe I have the resources to help them achieve their dreams. I believe in finding great talent, cultivating their abilities into a business and sharing their passions with the world. I originally joined the real estate community for the opportunity to provide opportunities to others. I am driven by achieving these dreams, though I hold integrity and the desire to be a good person as the factors in which I run my business and my life. I wasn’t sure exactly the career I wanted to pursue, but now am fascinated by this world, the collaboration, and the agents job to be the conductor who ultimately creates the experiences for their clients. Im thankful to have found an office I feel will be the best representation of me.”

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South Pasadena, CA
3 Beds 4 Baths 1960 Sqft 0.14 Acres
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Moorpark, CA
4 Beds 2 Baths 2242 Sqft 0.16 Acres
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