Stuart Brawley
Stuart Brawley Partner
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From the moment I purchased my first home in 2002, I knew I loved Real Estate and all that it involves. At the time, I was in the middle of a successful career as a music producer and songwriter, but I remember loving the whole process of buying my home, from the search, to the negotiations, and even the paperwork.

Buying and selling your home is a deeply personal experience, and having someone on your team that really gets you, understands your specific vision, and can factor all of your moving pieces, makes the difference.  I make sure my clients are educated in every step of the process.

I love helping families find their dream home as much as I enjoy helping sellers take the next step in their lives when it’s time to move on. I am detail-oriented, focused, and creative.

Having lived 22 years in both Los Angeles and the Atladena/Pasadena communities, I know the ins and outs of your community.

As a music producer, my primary job was to bring different skills, talents and ideas together to create a cohesive vision. Working with high demand clients like Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Barbra Streisand, Aerosmith, and Celine Dion gave me the experience to work well under pressure, keep a project on track and deliver a great final product. I see Real Estate through the same lens. My mission each transaction is to bring a team together with one goal in mind: a happy and successful escrow.

I live in Altadena with my partner and daughter, who attends Pasadena Waldorf School. I remain passionate about music, building community, and I volunteer regularly to work with students at my daughter’s school helping with concerts, events and outreach. I love the Altadena and Pasadena community, with its rich history and heritage.

If you have specific needs in your next home that only a fellow entertainment industry professional would understand, please get in touch – I specialize in knowing exactly what you need.

I look forward to working with you!

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