Tawnya Warren
Tawnya Warren Partner
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Tawnya Warren has been residing in the Santa Monica Canyon since 1998 where she bought her first house. Her favorite past time, besides spending time with her son is visiting open houses. Joining Frank Langen at Deasy, Penner & Partners was a natural progression for her to selling houses in the canyon and the Westside.

Tawnya’s intrepid spirit has lead her life to unfold and progress by chasing her passions. In 1993 she began in the jewelry industry eventually traveling to Europe buying jewelry and working in each facet of the industry. Zoe fine jewelry is Tawnya’s brand, still selling exclusively with Barneys New York across the country since 2005. “Passion fuels Life,” is her mantra.

With her jewelry Tawnya feels each stone holds energy and takes on the spirit of the wearer. Often articulating, “If jewelry could speak what story would it tell?” She feels the same about houses having had her own home energy maximized to its highest potential by a Feng Shui master. Believing that jewelry and houses are meant to be passed on from generation to generation asking the question of what character and charm do you want your home to have, what story do you want it to tell for generations to come? Tawnya is an expert in aiding buyers find their real estate destiny.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania and eventually attending college in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology reflects in her personality of small town charm combined with Urban posh. Tawnya graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in business and Accessory design. Culminating with business savvy and a creative edge she is well suited for the success she has in the Southern California real estate market.

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